Full-year program

Kick-off days


We jumpstart the year on the 20th of September. We immediately spend 3 full-days together in which we get to know each-other, learn the basics of team-dynamics, and talk about the fundamentals to a successful year.

10 weeks deepdive


In 10 weeks you get trained and tested. Every week consists of visiting agency offices, getting classes or workshops from industry experts and working on real projects and pitching your strategies and ideas to real clients. Every week has a different theme to give you insights into the most important aspects of our job (humans, branding, creativity, insight, technology, and more). A typical week starts with a Monday visit to one of Belgium’s finest agencies. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you get classes and workshops from industry experts. On Friday you deliver your project by pitching to real clients. During your 10-week deepdive, you get a chance to meet the large network of BAS partner agencies and befriended agencies. This will give you multiple opportunities to find an intership that’s right for you. If you have your mind set on another (international) agency, that can be discussed with the BAS coaches.

5 month internship


In December you start your 5-month internship, the longest in the sector. This gives you the opportunity to perfect your skills and claim your spot in the communication industry. In this period there are 3 days in which you come back and spend a full day with the BAS team and coaches. During these days you evaluate your internships, share experiences and discuss the end off the year projects.

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Pop-up agency


At the end of the year the team gets 6 weeks to make their own name and fame. Every year the students have founded their own pop-up agency, working like a real team and agency for real clients and budgets. However, every year the choice of what to do get’s left up to the students. In the first year some students decided to organize the Future of Advertising Summit. Will you take on a completely different challenge?

* Disclaimer: Every year the BAS program is analyzed and improved. This means the program above might change by the time you’re entering it. But that also means it got even better.