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About BAS

The Belgian Advertising School is a one year postgraduate boot camp designed and delivered in close collaboration with the best and most awarded communication agencies and powered by Thomas More. It is our ambition to be the best school for the next generation of advertising and communication talent in Belgium.

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2800 Mechelen
26 september 2018
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Every year we select 25 bachelor or master students to become the next generation of BAS. They come from different backgrounds and have different stories to tell, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for communication and a desire to make a difference.

9 agency deep dives with client pitch

For 9 weeks you will dive head first into the different areas of communication and advertising. Our partner agencies will help you discover the insights, tools and network you need to thrive in tomorrow’s communication sector. Every week you and your team will work on a real pitch briefing and present the results to real clients. Breathe in. Breathe out.

5 month internship with top agencies

Time to stop talking and start doing. During 5 months you will work in close collaboration with top talents of our sector. We are there to help you and make sure you and your internship coach set clear objectives. You do the rest.

Kick-ass final project

By now you are almost ready to run your own show. So why not give it a try? Organising your own event or starting your own agency? You decide together with your team. Your new network of agencies and partners will be glad to coach you, but you are in the lead. What’s that dark shadow around the corner? Oh, it’s just another deadline…

Nice, but I need a bit more detail!

The Belgian Advertising School was founded to bridge the gap between what is taught in schools and the actual needs of the fast changing advertising and communication sector. Since our sector is changing, BAS is constantly changing too. Every year we redesign our curriculum together with our network. We constantly challenge our own way of working. We are in constant beta because we believe that is the only way to stay relevant.

I want to know more about #BAS1718


This is the Belgian Advertising School. But it is not really a school, and not only about advertising…


This is where it all starts. We believe there is no better way to get to know each other than to live, sleep and eat together during three days. So that is what we will do...


These three days will prepare you in the best possible way for the what’s about to come. We believe that part of what makes BAS great is in the way you work together. That is why we spend a good amount of time getting to really know each other, and co-creating clear principles of working together. And we’ll throw in a first pitch too, just to see what happens…

Knowledge lab

During the first 9 weeks there will be 8 knowledge labs. Every week starts with an on-site agency deep-dive and a client pitch briefing on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you will be learning stuff that matters during interactive speaker sessions and workshops. Friday is pitch-time…

Knowledge lab

For every knowledge lab, a different partner agency will be your host. On Monday they will invite you to their offices, show you around and tell you their story. You’ll meet and talk to a lot of interesting people, learn about the agency, and after lunch and you will get your client briefing. The hosting agency also introduces that week’s central theme. There are 8 themes: Agency and client, insights, strategy, creativity, omni-channel, persuasion, digital disruption and the network. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there are speaker sessions and workshops, all related to that week’s theme. Between those sessions (and in the evening) you can work on your client briefing. Welcome to agency life. Every week you’ll work on your briefing in a different team. On Friday, your client will listen to your presentations and give you a detailed debriefing. Then: beer, sleep and repeat.


This is the last time you will work for free, so you better make it count. During a 5 month internship with one of our partner agencies or with a company of your choice, you get a chance to practice in real life what you have learned during 8 knowledge labs.


Choosing the right place and coach for your internship is important, and we will help you with this. Our 9 partner agencies offer 2 excellent internships each, and we have a network of other agencies that have great interships too. You decide the role you want to work in: in previous years we’ve had accounts, digital and social strategists, creatives, project managers and everything in between. During your internship we will meet twice with you and your coach to discuss your work and progress. Throughout these 5 months there will be 3 basecamp days where we’ll take time to regroup, get inspired and celebrate both success and failure.

Inspiration trip

We love Belgium, but there is a lot happening outside Belgium too.

Inspiration trip

During a field trip (that you will organise yourself - we will coach you) we will visit one of the advertising hot-spots of the moment, meet up with interesting companies and get inspired. We’ve already been to Dublin (Google/Facebook), Berlin and Stockholm. This year it's Amsterdam calling. You decide where we’ll go next…

Pop-up agency

This is the moment where you take over. Together with your fellow BAS’sers you will launch your own agency, find real clients and work against fierce deadlines on real projects.

Pop-up agency

BAS1314 launched their agency with a sold-out ‘Future of advertising summit’. BAS1415 worked with their pop-up agency Swiped for over 15 clients and generated over 20.000 euro income. BAS1516 launched 'Goodcha' and made a whopping 30.000 euro. BAS1617 will surely kick ass too. And what will be next? It’s your turn to make that call.

Partner agencies

Our partner agencies are the driving force behind the Belgian Advertising School. As members of our Board of BAS, they co-design our curriculum and they constantly challenge us to rethink the way we work. Together with them we share the same mission: to make BAS the best advertising school in Belgium.

Our alumni

Don’t believe us. Ask them.

  • BAS gave me the unique opportunity to turn my life upside down. From Psychologist to Creative Strategist at Cartamundi.

    Miguel Albaladejo - Creative Strategist @ Cartamundi

  • BAS was a true eye-opener for me - both professionally and personally

    Hannah Tack - Designer @ Teamleader

  • For me, BAS was the perfect springboard to working in advertising. Studying at BAS gave me both the knowledge and the confidence I needed to land my dream job at BBDO.

    Jovi Verheyen - Digital Project Manager @ BBDO

BAS on Twitter

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BAS would not exist without our network of agencies, speakers, mentors and friends. These are the people who make BAS great.

Flup Coppens


Koen Thewissen


Speakers and friends

Throughout the year we can count on the support of this great network of BAS-minded professionals.

An Caers

Hoofd Marketing En Communicatie"

Bart Muskala

True North

Carl De Mey

Managing All Things Digital

Dominique Poncin

Head Of Strategy

Hakim Zemni

Managing Director Belgium
Insites Consulting

Hans Palmers

Mundo Digitalis

Jan Algoed

Chief of digital stuff

Jan Dejonghe

Creative Director

Johan Vandepoel


Jorn Craeghs

Persuasion Lead
Sue Amsterdam

Jorrit Hermans

Head of Story
Quick Brown Foxes

Steven Hermans

Directeur Marketing, Communicatie, Gezondheidspromotie En Beweging

Stijn Cox

Managing Partner Brand & Client Development

Sven Mastbooms

Kindred Spirits

Tim Smits

Associate Professor
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Tom Andries

Creative Partner
Branding Today

Vincent D'Halluin

Strategic Director

Wim Hamaekers

Managing Parter

Maarten Van Herck

Head of Digital
Duval Union

Vera Van Doninck

Talent Director
These Days

Thomas Struijk

Business Strategist
Boss Data

Timo Vandemaele

Research Director
Insites Consulting

Petra De Roos

Managing Director
LDV United

Geert Van den Eijnden

Raad bij Woord

Peter Verbiest

Strategic Director
Bonka Circus

Carole Lamarque

Founding Partner
Duval Union

Jef Raeman

Strategic Director Brand & Story
LDV United

Thierry De Vynck

Head of content and strategy

Jochen Van Lysebettens


Hans Kerkhoff


Stijn Gansemans

Creative Director

Bout Holtof

Creative Director

Evelien Rutten

Sanoma Magazines

Dennis Snijders

Digital Director

Geert Geuten

Managing Partner

Isabel Van den Broeck

Managing Director
Creative Belgium

Birgit Heymans

Effie Belgium

Liesbet Dejaegere

Senior stafmedewerker

Petra Baeck

Head of Marketing & PR (part of eBay)

Dado Van Peteghem

Founding Partner
Duval Union Consulting

Erlend Debast

UX & Service Design lead

Piet Wulleman

Head of Strategy
Duval Guillaume

Raoul Maris


Bruno Delhaise

Managing Director

Ruben Evens

Marketing Coördinator
Tesla Motors

Frederik De Swaef

Algemeen hoofdredacteur Flair
Sanoma Media Belgium

Geert Tewissen

Service Designer & Co-founder

Dieter Riemaeker

Strategic Director
Air Brussels

Carl De Mey

Business director & strategic consultant

Alain Manders

Managing Director

Seb De Roover

Creative Partner

Floris Lefever

Digital Strategist
Hotel Hungaria

Stef Selfslagh

De Morgen

Lode Schaeffer

Creative Director
Indie Amsterdam

Herbert Van Hoogdalem

Professional Outsider
De 40-urige Niet-Werk-Week

Steven Verbruggen

Managing Director

Phéline Casier

Search Account Manager

Jan De Coster

Robot Designer
Slightly Overdone Robots

Koen Van Deun

Creatief Directeur
De Vloer

Clo Willaerts

Digital Marketing Manager
Degroof Petercam

Bert Dries

Creative Director

An Dezeure

Hoofd VRT Jobs

Christ'l De Jonghe

Strategisch Directeur

Pierre Pôlet

Managing Director

Josi Swerts

Digital Marketing Department Director
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Every year we select, together with our partner agencies, 25 students who will become BAS for one year. We are not (only) looking for specialists. If you have a bachelor's or master's degree, and you are passionate about marketing, communication or advertising, we would like to talk to you.

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