Belgian Advertising School

BAS is a one-year postgraduate with one goal: Making 25 talents real-world-ready for a job in the communication industry of tomorrow.

What is BAS?

We’re a one year post-graduate preparing students for a job in the communications industry. The year has 3 main parts: 10 weeks of class and projects; a 5 month internship; and running your own pop-up agency. Speakers and coaches are all actively working in the industry.

Our network

70+ speakers

share their wisdom in a year

Seb De Rover

Creative Director

Christ’l De Jonghe

Strategic Director

Tom Andries

Creative Partner

25+ agencies

partner up and offer internships

200 alumni

now transform the industry

92% of alumni

now work in the communication industry

Claim your spot!

Belgian Advertising School has 25 spots available per year. We are looking for talents in communication, advertising, design, but a background in these fields is not required. To become part of the 25 students, you have to be selected. The selection interviews take place from April 2024 until August 2024. If you’re interested in applying for next year, you should leave your details here.

How to Apply ?

These are the steps to become a student at BAS.

1. Click ‘apply now’ to give us your contact information so we can contact you and get to know each other. At this stage you can ask us everything you want to know about BAS and figure out if you would like to join one of our selection interviews.

2. The selection interviews take place starting from April 2024. Curious about what our selection interviews entail? Click the ‘apply now’ button and we will give you a call right away.

3. After participating, we will let you know if BAS and you are a fit. Ready? No stress. Step one is just a click on ‘apply now‘. Breathe. And go.


What do I get from BAS?

Network: Personal classes, workshops and meetings with more than 70 experts from the communication industry (including creative directors, strategy directors and brilliant misfits).

Job: 92% of alumni now work in the communication industry.

Team: Become part of a crew of 25 people unlike you. Each becoming a friend or an expert you need for the future.

Degree: A post-graduate degree from the KULeuven group.

Most asked questions

No. BAS wants to make 25 talents real-world-ready for a job in the communication industry. But talent can come from every direction. Next to students with a communication or advertising backgrounds, BAS has welcomed lawyers, photographers, linguists, developers, journalists, interactive media designers, psychologists and a sinologist.

People who are hungry. You need the ambition to work in the communication, advertising or design industry. As a strategist, creative, designer, researcher, producer, copywriter or whichever title you find and desire in the industry.

People who take action. BAS is not the kind of education where you sit back and get schooled. BAS is a place where you get countless chances to talk to industry experts, show your talents on real-world projects and land a job in a top-tier agency. But you need to step up and take those chances with both hands.

People who stare at people. In the end this industry is about understanding people and creating things that make people tick. So we want people who are intrigued by humans and our behaviour.

People who are different. Our world is diverse. Our industry is still too much of the same. So we welcome people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. That makes BAS and our industry better.

You will gain insight to understand the industry and find your sweet spot.

You will learn the essential knowledge about human behaviour, branding, creativity, marketing and project management. All from people actually working in the industry.

You will learn to apply this knowledge to several real-world-projects, during an internship and in your own pop-up agency.

You will learn to work in a team. BAS-students work together year-round to tackle briefings and deliver outstanding projects.

We know that our tuition fee is quite an investment for most. A word to make you understand why this is our fee.

 BAS is a post-graduate, which means it is not subsidized. All tuition money is needed and get’s spend on providing you with the best possible program. 

We limit the number of students to 25, to maximize the interaction and learning curve of the students. 

Next to the network, classes and internships, you will be mentored by 5 BAS-coaches. They will support and guide you throughout the year.

Important sidenote: every student earns approximately 800 euros during the pop-up agency. As you will be working for real clients with real budgets, you get the opportunity to gain back a part of your tuition fee.

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Where we at?

BAS HQ is at Campus National, Thomas More
Kronenburgstraat 62, 2000 Antwerpen
But BAS visits agencies, brands and people all over Belgium.

Phone:  +32 483 72 58 32
Email: Billie Gielen

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